The Berkeley Comic Con was started by two local comic collectors who also sell comics. We want to create a regular event that features a treasure trove of back issue comic books. We want to bring collectors and readers together with sellers in the most efficient way possible. One way to do this is our innovative want list feature on the home page. If there’s a comic you’ve been hunting for awhile or a title that no one seems to bring, please send your requests in using that form. We will query the vendors and get back to you with who will be bringing that type of material for you to check out. No longer will you have to hear “I have that but left it at home/the warehouse/the shop.” From the vendor perspective, it makes it much more efficient to bring items that have a high likelihood of selling to the people who have requested them. If you don’t have specific wantlists but just want to put something like high grade silver or cheap bronze age or discount trades, that’s fine too. We will pass that on to the vendors as well.

See you there!